Melbourne Clinical Exam Course

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The Melbourne Clinical Exam Course

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Covidien Small

Course Overview

Many candidates preparing for the College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM) clinical examinations find success difficult to achieve despite possessing adequate theoretical knowledge. Clinical exams require a very different skill set to that needed for written exams or indeed every day clinical practice. This two day course has been developed to teach the skills necessary to bridge the gap between knowledge and performance in the examinations.

The course is specifically aimed at trainees sitting the CICM fellowship clinical examination. Ideally you should do this course 6 to 12 months prior to your sitting, then go back to your unit, practice the skills learned and then sit the exam. Of course trainees who are about to undertake the final fellowship examinations will also find this course valuable.
The course runs for 2 days and will include interactive pre-reading, skills teaching and assessment.

The areas that will be covered include the hot case, VIVAs and communication. All learning opportunities will be undertaken in an environment that attempts to mimic as closely as possible the conditions experienced in the exam. The second day of the course will include a formal hot case in the Royal Melbourne Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
We are currently looking in to adding an Xray and equipment section to the course. We'll update the website when this is finalised.

Prior Knowledge

It is important to realise that this course will not be a “content teaching” exercise, but a course that will teach skills. Trainees who need to acquire knowledge should attend the numerous meetings and courses that are already on offer.
Participants in this course should have a good (basic) working knowledge of intensive care medicine appropriate for the exam. We will utilise this base to provide a framework to answer the clinical scenarios and questions frequently posed by the examiners.

Course Dates and Location

The course will run in September 2014 in the Clinical Skills Centre at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Grattan Street, Parkville, Victoria, 3050.
Parking will be available at discounted prices for course participants.

Applications for the course will open in May 2014.